Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Council

World Council

My dear Lions!
This is your God Speaking.

You are the privileged ones who can fulfill my dream of setting up a state of Utopia on earth.  Presently many of you do not see eye to eye.  This approach is berived of any wisdom.  This narrow and selfish attitude is driving you towards a state of mutual annihilation. It will be rather impossible for you to think to co-operate with each other and sit together.  But this is the only way.  Whether you do it in this life or many lives hereafter or may be civilizations after, this shall have to be achieved.  This is My target.  I shall continue to strive for it.  By now you would have known, I do not give up; I continue to try through My Nature – slowly but steadily.  Hence I urge you to show maturity and magnanimity. Change your outlook from selfish to all inclusive benevolent approach.  Enlarge your empire from your own countries to the entire world. 

There is no harm in giving it a try.  Organize yourselves into a World Council.  Form a World Council.  This Council shall formulate the structure of ‘One World Federal Government’ – for brevity you may call it ‘World Union’.  Draft a Constitution for the World Union which should be impartial and beneficial to all the countries equally.  I know this shall take a lot of time to change your outlook.  But there is no hurry.  Take your time.  Start the dialogue.  You are all capable of taking up the challenge.   You have been managing your countries and brought remarkable progress.  Now rise to manage the whole world and make it an oasis of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

(To be continued...)

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