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World Today

World Today
An Iceberg of extreme affluence on top
And abject poverty at its base

My dear Children,
This is your God speaking!

This Cosmos and your world are in existence for times immemorial. Civilizations have come and gone innumerable times. Development takes place and then it is destroyed by the foolishness of some of My children who, unfortunately, become powerful Rulers. I can not stop them from annihilating the world and ultimately themselves as I am bound by My oath of giving every one of you total freedom to act. When ever people gain intelligence, they become powerful than others and then they, to win others, start destroying due to their narrow selfish outlook. It is happening even today. Some countries in the world have become more powerful than others and they are indulging in destruction to establish their control over rest of the world.

It happens because they become intelligent to produce more than others and gain power but they lack wisdom how to use that power for the benefit of entire mankind. By helping poorer countries they would have served Me, but by trying to gain control over others they are serving their own narrow selfish motive which is not liked by Me. The intelligence comes from knowledge of materialistic things but wisdom comes from having spiritual knowledge – knowledge about self. Therefore, your scriptures rightly keep ‘spiritual knowledge’ at the top of all other knowledge howsoever complicated it may be.

After destruction, I start development process again because I want to see My World growing and all My children prospering and living a happy life. It is an eternal process. The proof is the archeological discoveries of old civilizations dating back to millions of years. When any civilization reaches at its zenith, in absence of spiritual knowledge, it starts annihilating itself. You destroy it and I have to restart the development process again. Development is My joy and entertainment. Fortunately, your world today has reached at a point from where it can take off to an unimaginable destination of joy and pleasure - a state of Utopia.

A small percentage of My children, say two to five per cent, have achieved some success in materialistic sense. They have high income, accumulated large amounts of wealth; have power and status in society. They now think that they have achieved the ultimate. But they are sadly mistaken. The success that they have achieved has come by paying a great cost. They had to undergo huge amount of mental agony, tension, stress, health loss, and distance from family. Sometimes they had to indulge in dishonesty, commit immoral and criminal acts. The percentage of such ‘so called’ successful men is very less. Most of the humanity is just living on day to day basis. A majority of humanity does not get two times meal what to say of proper clothing, shelter, medical aid and education!

My vision for you is far beyond your imagination. I have unlimited resources to make each and every one of you to enjoy all the comforts of life - prosperity of all kinds with total peace of mind, harmony in family, high moral character and happiness all around. The state of Bliss – where there is no misery, only enjoyment, can be attained after gaining spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge gives ‘Wisdom’ which gives solutions that are in the interest of all around – a win-win-win situation; you gain, your correspondent gains and your society, country and the world at large also benefit – no one is a loser.

During the last 2000 years, you have progressed satisfactorily in the process of evolution, though more could have been done. The basic necessities for living – food, shelter and cloth were developed. The shortcoming is that these basic necessities are not available to majority of my children. A good Education system has been developed which enabled you to make discoveries and inventions and materialistic progress (again, only a minority has this privilege). Machines were developed which facilitated large scale production of good and consistent quality products with less man-power and minimum cost. Research was made in outer space too and the progress in this field too is encouraging.

The Positive Developments during the period:

Religion is the basic foundation for humanity. It provides basic and fundamental principles for living happily and a discipline to co-exist. Amongst various religions that have developed, four major Religions namely, Hinduism, Baudh, Christianity and Islam, in that order of development are followed by the majority of people in various countries. Their main teachings can be summarized as follows:

a) Hinduism: Fundamentally, Hinduism is not a religion. It is a scientific explanation of philosophy of Life on Earth. The philosophy of life has been evolved by ancient sages after deep study about Myself – your God, My Nature through which I do all the creation and about the creations of Nature – Organic and Inorganic. These studies were made by self-less people, called ‘Rishis’ for the benefit of entire mankind through times immemorial. Fortunately these studies are available even after many cycles of destruction and creation. They were saved by Me for the benefit of all future generations. When you shall endeavor to unravel the mysteries of Life you shall discover the secrets of life through deep study of these studies stored in various scriptures. The birth place of Hinduism is India.

b) Baudh: Baudh Dharm was developed by Lord Buddha about 2500 years ago in India. It had the fundamental principles of life which facilitate establishment of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. With its spread total peace was established amongst the fighting princes of small States of India. From India it spread eastward and is followed in major parts of South East Asia today.

c) Christianity: Christianity was born in Europe twenty one centuries ago. It guided the people of Europe in a positive manner. They made remarkable progress following the fundamental principles laid down in the holy Bible. Christianity has spread the world over and is now followed by almost one third of humanity, worldwide.

d) Islam: Islam was founded about 1400 years ago by Prophet Mohammed Saheb. The fundamental principles of life were enunciated by Him in holy Quran Sharif. It has provided guidance to billions of My children all these years. Today Islam is followed by almost one third of humanity and is spread all over the world. It motivates people to live a puritanical life and do charity for the poor.

Moving on from dependence on killing the animals for food, agriculture was re-discovered. It already existed in the ancient Vedic period. Numerous kinds of cereals, vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees have been developed. Food is cooked in various ways. Delicious food of innumerable kinds providing nourishment and taste is a boon for today’s mankind.

Discovery of Continents
The enterprising people of Europe discovered various Continents taking risk of their life and undergoing suffering of long voyages. They are (from largest in size to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

Education and Scientific development
Beginning with setting up an education system and languages, the mankind has made remarkable scientific inventions in all fields impacting life. These inventions have made life comfortable and enjoyable. Significant advancement has been made in the exploration of space and various planets.

Significant and rapid development of means of transport – Water, road, rail and air, has made great contribution in reaching every part of your world. This vast world has become like a small village.

The offshoot of scientific development has been the development of mechanization of manufacturing process. Today innumerable products are manufactured in the factories benefiting the mankind in large numbers at minimum cost and effort.

This great invention has delivered every part of the world to every one’s doorstep. One can see and hear in real time what is happening in a far distant place.

Computers and Internet
Invention of computers in the last fifty years or so has revolutionized the way world works today. Knowledge and information has been made available to the humanity at a very less cost. One can reach the entire world at the same time like a magic.

The invention of telephone followed by invention of mobile phones has facilitated verbal talk around the world.

Trading and Currency
The interaction between various communities gave birth to trading. Through inter change of products available with one community with the other helped the entire man-kind. This was called ‘trading’. Beginning with barter system, the mankind developed a currency system for trading. Now the whole globe has become a local market.

Deep research was made of the human body. Different communities developed their medicine for curing the diseases which inflicted their bodies. The most ancient system of medicine is Ayurvedic which was developed by the Sages of India. This system is based on curing various diseases through plants and herbs, yoga and Breathing. There is no after effect. Homeopathy was developed in Germany. Unani system of medicine was developed by Muslims. Europeans and Americans developed the Allopathic system of medicine. In addition to medicine deep progress has been made in surgery.

United Nations
Interaction between different nations created a necessity to establish a system for peaceful resolution of various issues between different nations of the world. The UN has further undertaken on itself a noble cause of helping poor nations by providing them advice and material help, peace keeping etc.

Mankind has developed various kinds of activities that relieve them from their fatigue and provide joy. Various kinds of dances and music have been developed in all parts of the world. Then there are games, traveling to other parts of world for and so on.

Settled boundaries
After fighting for several centuries boundaries of most of the countries have now settled down. There are still a few disputes but they shall also be settled over a period of time. Settlement of boundaries has eliminated a big cause of wars – killing and maiming of soldiers and people and destruction of valuable properties.

The institution of print and visual media has joined the entire humanity on real time basis.

Liability side of your Balance Sheet

These are some of the good things that have happened in your world. The mankind is on the move and more positive developments are in store. The need is to remain on positive path of development and not destroy what has been created so painstakingly and over a long time. However, what is alarming and needs careful thought is the prevalence of negative practices that are harming the mankind. These practices are a hindrance in benefiting majority of people. Let us have a brief idea of some of these most harmful practices:

Abject Poverty
Six million children die of hunger every year – 17,000 every day. About 1.7 billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty today. The irony is in spite of My having given immeasurable resources to every region and every country in the world it is a common belief that poverty is inevitable, that traditional modes of production were insufficient to give an entire population a comfortable standard of living. The fact is poverty is man-made. It is the result of greed and lust of a few who are in power and exploit the masses for their narrow selfish outlook. The masses have remained ignorant and are exploited by the rich and powerful people in administration and business and industry.

Knowledge is the basic difference between lower species - birds, animals, and the mankind. As the level of knowledge increases in a person so increases his power to progress to a better condition. Development of knowledge in the world is not uniform. There is phenomenal growth in the countries where education has grown. Education leads to inventions and discoveries. The countries where education has not grown are lagging behind. In spite of the fact that I have given vast resources to all countries, for lack of knowledge they are not able to make use of them. A few people who are able to get educated are exploiting the masses. The rulers exploit their people. They do not let good people come forward and give good governance to the people.

Corruption is taking away people’s money dishonestly through the use of authority. There are normally only one per cent people from the Top down to various levels in a country which govern it. Majority of these people in administration indulge in large scale corruption. They make such rules that people have to come to them for as simple a job as registering a death. They make people pay for the work, which is their right, by way of delaying the work, using coercion, using threat, use of their discretionary power, etc. Even most aghasting is the situation when they stash away the nation’s wealth in foreign countries and deprive the people of their country of their national wealth. Corruption is even more serious a disease than the cancer. Cancer affects the life of the patient only but corruption impacts the life of all people of the country in one way or the other.

Trade and distribution is an essential part of civic life. The people rendering this essential service to the mankind incur a cost, make investment and also take a risk for loss due to fall in price or lack of demand for the product. Therefore, they rightfully deserve to make a profit from their activity. The profit should be sufficient to meet their cost of operation, cost of finance, and then leave them a reasonable amount towards their profit which is their remuneration for the service rendered. But the problem arises when these people manage to make undue and high profits through wrongful means. They create artificial shortage in products which are of essential nature and for mass consumption. Then they make them available at higher price. They connive with government authorities who help them by making such policies that help these people make high profits. Another way of jacking prices is the practice of ‘Forward Trading’, which is again permitted by Government authorities as there is a nexus between Rulers and Businessmen. In Forward Trading the trader reserves a large stock of product by making only a small payment. Thus he is able to control supply with a small investment only. Due to increased prices many people are deprived from the consumption of these products.

Inflation is sharp rise in price of various products essentially the products of basic necessities for the masses. High prices affect adversely the lives of middle class and poor people who have limited income. They have to cut their consumption. They are unable to provide their children and family members the basic things of their day to day requirement. Inflation is the result of Corruption, Profiteering and high taxation by governments. Government of India charges some 75% tax at various levels on petrol that makes it out of reach of people with limited income.

High taxation by Governments
Government authorities have unlimited powers to impose taxes on all kinds of activities – be it manufacturing, trading, distribution, personal income, professional services, entertainment, hospitality and what not. Power corrupts a man and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rarely powerful people use their wisdom to keep people’s welfare as the prime consideration of their decisions. They keep on increasing the government expenditure year after year. They have no hesitation in indulging wasteful expenditure, in spending vast amounts on arms and ammunition, on going on wars, on their whims and so on. To meet the increasing cost they levy all kinds of taxes on people. High taxes reduce the buying capacity of people with limited income. Rulers have a vested interest in maximizing tax income – more the money at their command, more the scope for corruption.

Rich and powerful are exploiting poor masses
The policies being followed are skewed in favor of rich and powerful businessmen and industrialists. More funds are spent in urban areas than in rural areas where poor masses live. Rich pay less tax than poor. Poor have to travel longer distances to reach their work place. The education level for poor masses is lower than for the rich classes. So are medical facilities. The flow of capital is towards rich and powerful countries. The travesty is that rich and powerful people of poor countries park their wealth in rich countries.

Terrorism is a recent phenomenon beginning in 1950s. It is a violent movement which is undertaken by various groups for their real or imaginary grievances. The sufferers are poor masses who get killed and maimed in violent incidents. Their properties are destroyed. The leaders of terrorism groups recruit innocent and ignorant poor people to carry out violent attacks. They brain wash their minds in the name of religion and give them allurance of wine, women and all other comforts in heaven. These misguided young people happily undertake the deadly assignment and get killed themselves also in the operation. The targets are places where large numbers of people gather for religious, social or entertainment purposes. Terrorism is the worst curse on the humanity as it serves no purpose while great loss occurs of life and property.

War is a lose-lose-lose game. The country that wages war, the country against which the war is launched and the world as a whole suffer great loss of life, property and productive assets. The reason of going on war is the lack of wisdom in the leaders of the aggressor country. They get intoxicated with the power that their country has accumulated by hard working over a number of years. The wisdom lies in achieving desired results, if these are just and equitable, by peaceful means. They think that they do not stand to lose anything by going on war. What they can not see that nobody has gained a permanent benefit through wars. Where are the Great Empires of yester years today! The lack of wisdom of these leaders cost heavily to the people of their own country, to their adversary and the entire mankind.

Crime is mostly committed by Ignorant and illiterate people lacking wisdom. It is a sin against humanity. Crimes are committed generally for looting, for personal vendetta, for sexual satisfaction, etc. Through crime a person wants to achieve what he does not hope to achieve through fair and legal means or out of anger. It is a shortcut to fulfillment of one’s desires. Serious crimes are committed through meticulous planning. The people committing crime think that they shall not be caught by the Law. And some times they do succeed in hoodwinking the law. But a habitual criminal gets caught one day. A criminal is also unaware that I, his God, see every thing; nothing can be hidden from Me. If he is able to save himself from law of the land then he will be punished by Me through my system of Natural Justice.

Drugs are a menace that is spoiling the career of bright young people. Young students fall prey to them more often. Drugs give a temporary high and the ignorant young person gets hooked by this pleasure. They soon become habituated and a time comes when body can not live without having drugs. Unscrupulous people of criminal nature exploit this weakness of people. They make great money without realizing that for their petty gain they are causing great harm to mankind.

Women’s exploitation
Men have become powerful and intelligent but they have not become wise. Many of them do not realize the importance of a woman. It is the women who are keeping mankind alive and growing. They deserve extra care and respect. Out of ignorance some men and entire communities think that men are the Masters and the woman has been created to service them in all manners. Being powerful they indulge in sexual harassment of women. In some communities girl child is killed in the womb itself. In some communities women are not given education and are kept under veil. In some countries nudism has taken root and women are treated as object for sexual enjoyment.

Way forward – road map to universal brotherhood

Fortunately mankind has achieved a level of maturity that it can take off to a state of Utopia under spiritual guidance. I have been reiterating the fundamental principles for leading a happy life from time to time. Here again I shall reiterate the same following which you can take a ‘U’ turn from the situation of mutual annihilation to mutual benefit. I shall tell you Who Am I, about My Nature that does all creation, Who Are You, Theory of Actions and so on.

I have full trust in your intelligence. With deep faith in your maturity I shall lay down a road map to achieve the most desirable state of Utopia in your world. Moving on this path you shall be able to establish total peace in all parts of the world. Peace is the first requisite for development and prosperity.

Dear children, you have to enlarge your viewpoint from the narrow selfish outlook of your own family, your own community, your own country to the larger benevolent viewpoint of our world. You have to align yourself with the entire world. You are now living in a global village. Entire world is now inter-connected. A happening in any part of the world impacts the entire humanity. You can not live peacefully if your neighbor is suffering from hunger, disease, mal-administration, terrorism or illiteracy. You have to walk on that path from now onwards. That path is not difficult or unknown to you. You have already made a significant progress on that path by establishing a global Institution – the United Nations. You need to strengthen that noble Institution further and take it to its logical heights of establishing a World Government.

What I am going to tell you is not a novel idea. Your one Continent, which you consider to be under developed – the African Continent, has already made a beginning on that path. But they could think in terms of their own Continent only. They are working to set up a Government for the entire African Continent. I want you to think global. One part of the body can not remain healthy if other part is sick or weak. Therefore, what you need is a Global Federal Government at the United Nations. A Global Federal Government shall strive to resolve all problematic issues between various countries. It will have the best brains of the world who have transformed their own countries to help other countries suffering from poverty. It shall establish a peaceful environment throughout the world with equitable opportunity for growth. Peace spurs development. Development ushers prosperity and Prosperity brings happiness.

My dear children, I see you at a juncture from where you can take off to a state of universal Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. Come, take up the challenge of achieving this noble goal. Your welfare is supreme to Me. Start the journey towards a new direction and you will have My full support to achieve it!

Your God

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