Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is Your God Speaking

My dear Children,
This is your God Speaking!

I am very happy with all the progress that you have made in the current era of civilization and especially in the last couple of decades.  You have made all-round progress in all critical spheres that impact life – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining, Education, Science and Technology, Space, Medicine, Transport, Communication, TV, Computers, Internet, Emails, Art and Culture, Environment preservation, Media, Democratic way of Governance, and so on.  Wars between nations have greatly reduced. 

Countries boundaries have generally been settled except in few cases.  Sovereignty of nations is being respected; people can travel around the world quickly, peacefully and comfortably. Global trade in goods and services is increasing. The Institution of United Nations is helping nations in many ways to mitigate their hardship and spread prosperity and peace.

But you have to achieve a lot more …
At the same time, it saddens Me when I see that even after achieving such   remarkable progress most of My children are suffering.  At best, there are islands of materialistic progress and comfort but the people living in such affluent centers are also not at peace; they have mortgaged their future.  A major part of humanity is living in abject poverty, deprived of two times meal, shelter, education and medical care.  There is still wide prevalence of violence by way of wars, battles and the recent invention of scourge of Terrorism.  Rich and powerful nations are imposing their ways on poorer nations.  No part of world is safe. Peace is at premium.

I have full faith in your capability
You have demonstrated that with all the progress that you have made, every citizen of this World can live a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy life.  My compassion for weaker and   down-trodden drives me to motivate you to think how you can transform this whole world in to an oasis of affluence, knowledge, comfort, prosperity, peace and mutual love and Respect – virtually a state of Utopia.  Hence I give you a Mission – “World Peace”.

This is your Mission – ‘World Peace’
Peace facilitates development, development brings happiness. Peace is a result of spiritual enlightenment. Hence, to achieve ‘Mission World Peace’ you will have to change your mindset.  First,   
you, personally, will have to be peaceful and compassionate.  That attitude will raise you  from narrow view of ‘I’, ’me’ and ‘mine’ to the all encompassing benevolent view of ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’; then from ‘Our Country’ to ‘Our World’.  This will be possible if you follow the ‘Fundamental Principles’ for living a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy life religiously.  These golden principles have been stated over the ages but I reiterate the same again herein for you as a ‘Refresher Course’.

You can do it
The Mission – ‘World Peace’ can be easily achieved by ‘Promoting’ your United Nations into becoming a ‘World Government’ with a charter to transform your whole world in to an oasis of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.  Merge all your Regional Groups into One World. The World Government should have a World Currency for international financial transactions.  The World Government shall weld all the Nations into ‘One World’.  Treat this whole world as one country. Respect the sovereignty of each country, freeze the boundaries. Motivate the countries that have Autocratic rule and Dictatorships to adopt a Democratic way of Governance for people’s welfare.  Formulate a Model Constitution of Democracy incorporating the best governing principles for adoption by various countries. Resolve to do away with wars, cut expenditure on Military and live peacefully. Implement coordinated Development Plans to banish poverty, illiteracy, and provide comfortable living to every being in all parts of Your World.   Implement My Economic Policy that shall banish the scourge of Inflation which is hitting the poor and fixed income masses throughout the world.  I am laying out herein a comprehensive Action Plan and an Economic Policy to achieve this divine goal.

Your Goal – establish a state of Utopia in the World
I am setting this most challenging and seemingly impossible goal for you in your own interest.  You have to transform this world, which is always in turmoil in one part or the other, into a state of Utopia.  After achieving this noble goal there shall be no hunger, no misery, no destruction; only Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

My full Support to you
I shall give you My full support in your endeavor in My own subtle manner.  I do nothing Myself as I have no body, no form.  But I give you wisdom, courage and strength to achieve your goal.  It is ‘You’ who have to act and achieve this Goal.  To achieve this goal you have to be spiritually enlightened.    I am restating the spiritual knowledge herein.

Challenge before you
Convert every country into a Norway, a Denmark, a Switzerland, an Austria,!   Let there be Peace, Prosperity and Happiness in every part of your World.  Utopia is just at hand!


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