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Terrorism to Total Peace
One can create a Gin but can not keep it back

My dear Children,                                                                                                      
This is your God speaking,
Peace is the elixir of life.  Peace facilitates development, development brings happiness.  Violence is the killer of life; no life - no development; no development - no happiness. Terrorism is the worst kind of violence where innocent people are suddenly killed, maimed and injured.  The victims are defenseless, unarmed and unwarned.  No religion in the world supports this kind of violence but, ironically, much of terrorist activities are being carried out in the name of religion, a pure display of ignorance of true religion. 
Terrorism is a form of asymmetric warfare, and is adopted as a means to redress one’s grievances – real or imaginary.  This method is adopted when one finds oneself incapable of challenging his oppressor openly or when one feels his need shall not be appreciated by the other party.    All terrorist acts are motivated by two things:
i)                     Social and political injustice: People choose terrorism when they are trying to right what they perceive to be a social or political or historical wrong—when they have been stripped of their land or rights, or denied these. And
ii)                   The belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change.
This explanation of the causes of terrorism may appear to be too simplistic or too theoretical. However, if you look at any Group that is widely understood as a terrorist group, you will find these two elements are basic to their story.
The method of terrorism is adopted under the mistaken belief that even violent means also justify the ends. Many terrorists in history said sincerely that they chose violence after long deliberation, because they felt they had no choice.  They should know that killing innocent, unarmed people, suddenly and without any warning is a sin.  The means to a just cause also has to be necessarily just how so long it may take and howsoever strenuous it may be.  Truth always prevails.  If one’s cause is just, one shall definitely get justice through just and fair means.  India adopted the means of non-violence to gain freedom and they ultimately succeeded.

In a short period of a few decades the menace of terrorism has spread to all parts of the world. Senseless violence under the new nomenclature of ‘Terrorism’ is used as a means to achieve some objective which the perpetrators, in their mistaken belief, consider holy.  But in reality any kind of violence under any name is used by people who are ‘unenlightened’ and at the lowest ebb of human evolution.  As you now know, My Nature imparts three characteristics to every being – Wisdom, Action and Ignorance.  The people indulging in terrorist acts are ‘Ignorant’ people who do not know what they are doing.  They are destroying My creation; they have no compassion for the innocent people who are going to be killed and injured.  They are committing a crime against humanity which is a rebuff to Me.  They are misusing the power of ‘Action’ that I have given to them as a human being.  I can not stop them in their act because I am bound by my commitment of giving ‘Total freedom of action’ to My people. But they should know that the result of their action is in My hands.  They can not and shall not achieve what they are trying to achieve through violent acts.  On the other hand when they come to Me after their life time over, they shall be demoted to lower species.  They deserve to be in lower species so that they can fulfill their desire of blood thirst.

Real solution to the Evil of Terrorism – Love and understanding each other
People adopting violent means for solution of their grievance are grossly misinformed.  Fundamentally, results achieved through violent means can not deliver ever-lasting solution. Killing innocent, unarmed people by deceit and suddenly is the greatest sin.   A sinful act can not bring good result.  The means to an objective, which is noble, have to be noble. No religion has ever justified killing innocent people by deceit.

Similarly the people who created the Gin of terrorism to serve their vested interest have to strive hard to put it back into the bottle. The Gin has capability to multiply itself which it has successfully done.  It can not be destroyed by violence alone. Love and understanding is the elixir that can subdue the Gin. All problems can be solved peacefully through dialogue.  A peace process should be started with the people who have adopted the means of Terrorism for redressal of their grievance.  Give a patient hearing to their problem and find a mutually acceptable solution in a win-win-win spirit.  It is imperative to resolve this global problem to achieve the Mission of World Peace.

The people adopting terrorism as the means of achieving their objective should adopt the most effective means of ‘Non-violence’.  It needs moral strength, spiritual enlightenment, and the spirit of self sacrifice with no vested interest, to adopt this method.  But if the cause is just and in the interest of large section of people then people shall support the movement.  Most glaring example of this means is liberation of India from British domination.  It was carried out under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and in concert with many selfless other leaders of high moral character. 

In the recent times the means of Non-violence has been successfully used in Yemen and Egypt.  In India again, a selfless leader of high moral character – Anna Hazare, has used it to force the Indian Government to bring an effective legislation against corruption. 

Total elimination of Terrorism is essential to bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness in the world.  Its elimination shall facilitate to establish a state of Utopia in your world. 

TOI 20.9.11
UK arrests 7 in anti-terror operation
LondonBritish police arrested a group of suspected Islamic extremists on Monday in one of the most significant counter-terror operations of the year.

“Officers were also carrying out raids on several homes and a commercial property in the central city of Birmingham as part of the intelligence led operation.

Although the plot was in its early stages and targets were not immediately known, British security officials said the threat appeared significant and involved Islamic extremists.  Authorities said it did not appear the ongoing political conferences were the intended target.”

TOI 7.9.11
“43% Americans blame govt. for 9/11
US Middle East Policy motivated Attack: Poll
Washington: Americans today are generally more willing to believe that US policies in the Middle East might have motivated the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, according to  a new poll.
Reflecting some important shifts in US public opinion over the last decade, the Poll by Pew Research Centre found that the public’s views are more evenly divided today in response to the question, “Why do they hate us?”.
Today 43% agree with the proposition that the attacks may have been motivated by something “the US did wrong in its dealings with other countries”, and 45% disagree….

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