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Poor Politicians

Social Evils
Poor Politicians of India
Biggest hypocrisy of Democracy

·        Politicians have replaced ancient Rulers in democratic way of governance.
·        Rulers owned their country, amassed huge wealth for themselves and enjoyed all sorts of luxury.
·        Rulers had the privilege of passing on their kingdom to their kins, generation after generation.
·   Their Ministers were handsomely rewarded – by wealth, and award of large areas, estates, residences, in short means of becoming rich and enjoy luxuries of life.
·     The Rulers were to be brave, defeat their enemies, safeguard their territory and enhance their borders.
·    The ministers were expected to be taking good care of the people and bring people friendly policies.
·        The taxes to be tolerable.

Now consider the state of a politician in our democratic system…

  • A politician has to earn his status by serving people for a long time without any remuneration or return.
  • In order to serve people he has to divert his time from his earning enterprise or job.
  • The entry level of a politician depends on his background – his qualification, profession, earning level, influence over people, etc.
  • A politician has to create and sustain a group of people to promote him. Obviously, there is a heavy cost to be borne.
  • To get a position a politician has to win an election.  Fighting election is becoming more and costly. This cost has to be borne by every aspirant who wants to become a politician.
  • For every winner there are several losers.  The loser has also incurred a cost and devoted his time by      diverting from his earning enterprise.
  • The losing politician earns nothing officially.
  • Out of the winning politicians only about ten percent shall get ministerial posts. 
  • The official compensation to Ministers and ordinary members in ruling party and in opposition parties is very miniscule compared to their counterparts in the country’s society; e.g.
-          A businessman can earn officially huge amounts on which there is no limit.  It is his earning capability or luck e.g. one industrialist draws a salary of around Rs. 230 Million ($4. 6 million) annually in India.
-     A professional can earn officially huge amounts e.g. a Senior Lawyer charges around Rs. 1,00,000/- ($ 2000) per appearance of say 1 – 2 hrs. A surgeon charges around Rs. 2,00,000/- ($4000/-) per operation lasting 4 – 6 hrs.
-   In short, there is no limit on earning on any member of public – be an agriculturist, a businessman, an industrialist, a professional, an employee or in whichever enterprise.
-     In contrast the salary of the highest authority – the President of India is just Rs. 1,50,000/- ($3340), Prime Minister Rs. 1,00,000/- ($ 2700) Per Month.  Obviously other Union and State Ministers draw lesser salaries.
-     Another limitation for the politicians is that they, and even their kins, are not supposed to undertake any other economic activity. 
-        The public expects a politician to devote his life working 24/7 and 20 – 22 hrs a day on this paltry emolument. 

Thus, the poor politician has no other alternative but to make money through unfair means and keep it hidden.  Our hypocrisy is forcing our politicians, who are discharging onerous duties, taking decisions involving huge investments, live life of a guilt. 

If we want to remove the scourge of corruption, we must compensate our politicians commensurately officially.  We should give them attractive incentives for bringing public-friendly legislations, for holding price-line, for controlling crime, for eradicating poverty, for providing good education facilities, for creating good infrastructure and so on.  Incentive should be given to every politician in power or in opposition, even those who lose election,  commensurate with the services rendered to the public – people’s welfare, creation of infrastructure, rise in GDP, crime free atmosphere, fast judicial system; reduction in unemployment, elimination of religious animosity between different religions. Qualification of a politician could be – who has got minimum one per cent of the total electorate of his area in any election.

Same way, Government employees should also be compensated commensurately.  House to every govt. employee; incentive for fast and fair justice, crime-free society, rendering of timely service, corruption free administration etc.

Stick and carrot policy for Politicians, Executive and Judiciary.   If we want to eradicate the scourge of corruption and avail efficient service then the public has to be realistic in rewarding their politicians, Executive and Judiciary officially.

 Hypocrisy shall not solve the problem!


TOI 17.3.2012
CEOs vs Political Honchos
How much do the highest paid CEOs make compared to heads of govts or state
Political Honcho
Salaries in Million $
Salary in Million $
Lee Hsien Loong, PM
Philippe Dauman
Donald Tsang, Chief Executive
Ray Irani
Occidental Petr4oleum
Raila Odinga, PM
Larry Ellison
Barack Obama, President
Michael White
Yoshihiko Noda, PM
John Lundgren
Stanley Black & Decker
Nicolas Saarkozy, President
Robert Iger
Walt Disney
Angela Merkel, Chancellor
Brian Robert
Manmohan Singh, PM
Rahul Dhir
Cairn India

TOI 6.2.2012
"Essar Oil MD Gupta gets Rs. 70L ($.140 million) as joining bonus
Lalit Kumar Gupta, MD & CEO of Essar Oil, has been offered Rs. 70 lkh asjoining bonus to come on board the Ruis'owned firm.  ..Gupta will draw a monthly salary of Rs. 28.56 lakh ($57120), apart from other benefits and perquisites.  In comparison the President of India draws a monthly salary of Rs. Rs. 1,50,000/- ($3340), Prime Minister Rs. 1,00,000/- ($ 2700) Per Month.

TOI 6.2.2012
Corporators' wealth has jumped 5 fold
Mumbai: Assets of Corporators with theruling alliance have grown almost five fold over the last five years. Mayor Shraddha Jadhav's movable assets have jumped by 256%.  Her immovable assets that were worth Rs. 66.75 lacs in 2007 have now touchd Rs. 1.66 Crores ($0.133 milion to $0.332 million). 

Times of India  11.2.2012
‘Cairn India MD Dhir to top elite pay  club
‘Will get Stock Options Worth Rs. 85 Cr($17mln) to Replace Hildalco MD as Best Paid Non promoter CEO
Fattest Paycheck
Value of Esops Rs.250 Cr ($500mln), Salary Rs. 12.3 Cr($2.46 mln)

Promoter Power (FY11)

Package (Rs. Cr) ($ Mln)
Naveen Jindal
67.2  Cr($13.4400mln)
Kalanithi Maran
Sun TV
64.4 Cr($12.880 mln)
Kaveri Kalanithi
Sun TV
64.4 Cr($12.880 mln)
Kumar Mangalam Birla
Aditya Birla
39.7 Cr($ 7.940 mln)
Sunil Mittal
27.5 Cr($ 5.500 mln)
Top-paid CEOs FY11)

Toshiaki Nakagawa
Hero Honda
25.1 Cr($5.000 mln)
S Fukuda
Hero Honda
25.0 Cr($5.000 mln)
Debu Bhattacharya
17.3 Cr($3.460 mln)
A M Naik
L & T
14.2 Cr($ 2.080 mln)
Girish Paranjpe
12.9 Cr($ 2.580 mln)

'35% MLAs 'Criminals'. 66% crorepaties
New Delhi: More than one-third of the politicians elected in the just-concluded assembly polls have criminal cases against them, with Uttar Pradesh MLAs topping the list.

About 35% or 252 of the 690 MLAs elected to the Assemblies in UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa have a criminal hack-ground, while 66%  or 457 of the MLAs are 'crorepaties' (multi-millionaires) ....

(to be continued...)

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