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One World

One World
'When you see the earth from space, you don’t see any
Divisions of nation States there'
New Policy of every nation: 'Friendship with all, enmity with none'

My dear Children,

This is your God speaking!

It is evident from the Balance Sheet of your world today that you have reached at a juncture from where you can move either to destroy all that you have achieved sooner or later OR by following fundamental principles of life proceed to develop your world to a state of ‘Utopia’. I wish you take the later path which is My constant endeavor. Hence I shall give you some guidelines that can take you towards the destination ‘Utopia’. Full action plan shall have to be formulated by you yourselves.

The first requisite to transform your life from misery to bliss is to follow Fundamental Principles of life. These principles shall purify your mindset. You shall transform from a Selfish individual to a ‘Benevolent’ soul - part of my Whole creation. You will connect with Me. Then this whole Universe shall be your own. Your actions shall be in the interest of everybody. When you shall attain such divine state of mind then you shall start thinking in the interest of this whole world as one entity.

You can easily achieve this noble, all-benefiting objective by setting up a 'One World Federal Government which you may call ‘World Union’ at your United Nations. The objective of this ‘World Union’ shall be to treat this whole world as one country. This Government shall work to benefit each and every citizen of this world universally. Then this Government shall endeavor to see that its every citizen gets proper food, clothing, shelter, medical aid, education and all other means required for a happy and comfortable living. Then this Government shall ensure that there are no wars any where in the world. There is peace in every nook and corner of the world. There should be no crime, a perfect law and order environment. Then it will see optimum and judicial utilization of all assets of every country for rapid growth in the world. Then it will strive zealously to save every asset that has been created in any part of the world.

‘World Union’

This ‘World Union’ shall be similar to a Federal Government of a country. In a country the Federal Government is the nucleus of a country and administers the whole country in coordination with the regional governments of the various States. There is a division of power between the Federal Government and the State Governments. Similarly, the ‘World Union’ shall be the nucleus of your whole world. All the countries of the world shall be like State Governments. Every country shall continue to be Free and Independent. Every country shall be a sovereign country as they are now. The ‘World Union’ shall establish a platform that shall be for the benefit of every country and every citizen of your world.

The ‘World Union’ shall be only a promotion of your existing Institution of the United Nations. The Preamble of the United Nations could be modified to read some thing as -


Through Governments of our respective countries,
Having solemnly resolved to constitute


And to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual, and
The unity, integrity and sovereignty of all the Nations of the world…


this ……day of ------------



Heads of Countries of the World.

Thus the upgraded charter shall be way ahead of the present one which reads as:

“Constitution of United Nations”



• to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime
has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and
• to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human
person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and
• to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from
Treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and
• to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,


• to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors,
• to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and
• to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed
force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and
• to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,


this ……day of ------------


Heads of Countries of the World.

The Objective of the ‘World Union’ shall be to facilitate provision of Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Assistance, Education, Right to Work and Security to each and every person of this world. There shall be no hunger, nor war in any part of the world. Hereafter no soul shall sleep empty stomach even for a day.

.Objectives of the ‘World Union’
1. No one in world should remain hungry, uneducated, and poor. The World Union shall ensure through the respective governments of each country –

a) Food Security to all citizens of the world,
b) Right to Education to all
c) Right to medical assistance
d) Right to Housing
e) Right to work
f) Right to worship

2. There shall be no Wars between countries – all boundary or other disputes shall be settled peacefully bilaterally or through arbitration

3. Money and resources being spent on Military shall be greatly reduced and the saving there from shall be spent on development and peoples’ welfare.

4. Systematic growth plans for every country in coordination with world requirements.

5. Elimination of terrorism from the face of earth

6. Seamless movement of people throughout the world for tourism, education, business, social, while preserving the sovereignty of every country

7. Research in all spheres of life, science, technology, education, medicine, space, etc. in close co-ordination with every country and extending benefit of such research to every country.

8. Proper utilization of every nation’s resource for optimization of production and growth, and prosperity.

9. Peaceful, non-violent atmosphere in every country and in the International waters

10. Equal opportunity to every citizen of One World.

11. Qualitative improvement in every person’s thinking through spread of spiritual knowledge – enlightened living.

12. Transformation of organized crime and drug lords to benevolent people to be engaged in welfare of masses,

13. Seamless trade throughout the world.

14. Elimination of scourge of corruption.

15. Elimination of anti-poor prevalence of Inflation in various countries.

Action Plan
To achieve the above noble objectives in the interest of all countries a proper Action Plan needs to be formulated with active participation of people and leaders of all countries. The Action Plan shall facilitate the following to begin with:

1. Establishment of ‘World Union’ at the United Nations with equal rights to every country – big or small.

2. To adopt a comprehensive Constitution of the ‘World Union’ for assisting the countries of the whole world to live and prosper peacefully; to facilitate setting up a state of Utopia in the world as soon as possible.  A World Council comprising representatives of every country shall be constituted to draft the detailed Constitution of the 'World Union'.

3. ‘World Union’ Parliament Members - minimum one member from each country and more on the basis of Population, Area and GDP. There could be around six to seven hundred Members of World Parliament with a tenure of four to five years. These persons shall be the crème of humanity – persons of impeccable integrity having proven track record of outstanding performance in their countries in matters related to Economy, Planning, Administration, Infrastructure development, Human Resource development, Medicine, Industry, Commerce, Finance, Banking, etc. Countries of the world shall benefit from their experience. Ex Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Secretaries, Judges, Governors, Planners, and such like highest level functionaries shall be the privileged Members of the World Union. There is no shortage of natural resources in any country but most countries remain under-developed and poor due to lack of expert knowledge.

4. The Members shall be nominated by the Governments of respective countries or directly elected by the people of a country.

5. Selection of President, Prime Minister and Ministers out of the Members of Parliament through the process of secret Free and Fair election between the Members of Parliament conducted by the World Election Commission. The elected council of Ministers headed by the President shall form policies for the benefit of all countries.

6. Set up an Institution of World Planning Commission that shall review annual, five-year and long term Development Plans of each country. The Planning Commission shall suggest improvements and modifications to have a well coordinated development plan of every country. Such coordinated Development Plans shall facilitate availability of all essential commodities in the world and stop over-production or under-production through advice and not through compulsion.

7. Se up the institution of an Auditor General who shall audit the accounts of all countries to verify their critical financial figures like GDP, Sovereign Loans, Financial position, Revenue generation, Public Expenditure, etc. to avoid the incidence of fudging of accounts by some Governments to the detriment of other countries.

8. The existing International Court of Justice shall be strengthened to settle all kind of disputes, including boundry issues, among nations.

9. Strengthening of existing Interpol to keep track of crimes affecting the countries of the world and take steps to apprehend criminals.

10. Evaluation of Taxation policies of each country and to suggest ways to reduce taxes to the minimum – target being tax-free situation. At the same time suggest ways to raise State revenue by proper utilization of the Land, Minerals, Exploration and Development Rights and other Assets of a country.

11. Most importantly, to launch ‘One International currency’ of One World for international transactions.

12. Motivate the countries wilfully which are having Autocratic Governments and Dictatorships to peacefully transcend to Democratic Governments.

13. To design a model Constitution for countries incorporating the best features from the constitutions of various countries and motivate the countries to modify their Constitution suitably wherever advisable.

14. To facilitate Free and Fair Elections in a country, if required, through supervision by ‘International Election Commission’.

15. To maintain International Military in different parts of the world to check aggression by any country on the other and to secure International waters for peaceful sailing throughout the world.

16. To set Limit on sovereign borrowing of each country.

17. To set Limit on maintaining Military by each country. The military should be for defensive purpose only and not an offensive one.

18. To formulate a model Economic Policy that shall facilitate economic growth of every country. To guide the countries to modify their economic policies for welfare of the masses shifting their focus from maximization of profit for the classes as is the case now.

19. Any other activity that shall facilitate setting up a state of Utopia in the world.

Dear Children!

There was a period in India around 250 BCE when there was total peace. Wars between always fighting neighboring states had completely stopped. This miracle happened as a result of imparting spiritual knowledge by My enlightened son ‘Lord Buddha’. Time has come to repeat the same noble era. Your benefit shall be unimaginable – from violence and wars, to total peace, from hunger, illiteracy, tension, frustration and crime to an era of plenty and happiness. The stakes are very high. Give it a serious try it deserves. I am there to support you.

Best wishes!


(See suggested Economic Policies of the World Union at: §  and

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