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Mission World Peace Eclub

Mission World Peace Eclub’

God has given unlimited, inexhaustible and renewable resources to every country. With these vast resources every country should be a Norway, a Denmark, a Switzerland and not a Yemen, a Sudan or a Djibouti. The irony is majority of people, even in rich countries, are suffering from economic hardship, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, corruption, violence, wars, terrorism, and tension of future due to wrong policies of their Governments. Governments make policies that favor the rich and powerful and siphon off huge money meant for masses themselves through corruption. At the top of the iceberg of humanity is extreme affluence but down below is suffering, helplessness and a sense of resignation to go on bearing the pain generation after generation.

People as individuals are hapless but if united they can became a force and influence their Governments. In India an old man of 74 yrs, with hardly any education, Mr. Anna Hazare, has demonstrated the people’s power by forcing the Government to agree to form a law to punish corrupt Government and Public authorities.

It is, therefore, proposed to unite masses of all countries of the world under the banner of a ‘Mission World Peace Eclub’ to urge the Governments of their respective countries to modify their policies for the benefit of the masses rather than the classes as is the case at present. 

Objectives of the Club
1. To organize peoples’ power to facilitate banishment of Poverty, Illiteracy, Corruption, Wars, Terrorism, Crime, Inflation and Price rise from every country existing on earth by generating awareness amongst the people and providing them a platform for re-dressal of their problems.

2. To motivate the respective Governments of their countries –
i) To provide Food security, Health security, Education, Housing, Health-care, Right to work, Right to worship, proper infrastructure and clean administration for welfare of masses.
ii) To urge Autocratic Governments to establish a democratic Government of the People, By the People and For the People.
iii) To urge Governments to resolve disputes with neighbors, eliminate tension, end cold and real wars and conflicts with other nations and establish an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the world.

3. To motivate powerful countries - the world powers,  through mass appeal:
      i) To win  other countries by love and compassion and by lending them a helping hand in win-win-win  
         spirit; that is, their own benefit, benefit of smaller countries  and the benefit of humanity at large.
     ii) Not to make such policies that affect weaker countries adversely and allow freer movement of people,   
        and trade for global economic growth;
     Iii) To destroy their colossal destructive power through which they attack weaker nations and force them to
          agree to their command.
    iv) To curtail their heavy expenditure on military and utilize these funds for the benefit of masses of their
4. To motivate all countries :
      i) To promote the United Nations to establish a ‘One World Government' with Senators from every
         country who shall form a World Goverment having a President, Prime Minister and a Council of
         Ministers.  These people shall be the best people with proven track record.of having achieved
         outstanding results for their countries. 
     ii) The objective of the World Government shall be to end wars and conflicts amongst various countries 
         and establish total peace in the world. This Government shall analyse the Developmen Plans of each 
         country and guide them to develop their country to the highest level of prosperity and end the evils of
        Hunger, Illiteracy, Violence, Crime, Corruption, Red tapism, etc. in their respective countries.  (Please    
        see detailed objectives of the World Government in my blog "One World' )
    iii) The World Government shall introduce one World Currency for international transactions between
        different countries.
    iv) The World Government shall motivate all countries to implement model economic plans (please see
         the blog 'Economic Plans') that shall banish the evil of inflation, reduce taxes for poor masses and bring
         prosperity in the lives of poor masses and fixed income group.
5.    To purify peoples’ mindset by spreading spiritual knowledge and bring Peace, Prosperity and    
       Happiness in their lives.  Through spiritual knowledge the enmity between nations shall disappear and
       this world shall become one vast country. Ultimately, positive thinking at world level shall help
       establish   a state of Utopia on earth.  Utopia is that state of being where every thing is as it should be
       (Please see Utopia in my blog).

Every citizen of the world, rich or poor, is requested to join the Mission World Peace Eclub’ to make a powerful impact for changing the world order. It is a social movement for the benefit of poor masses. There shall be no enrolment fee or annual subscription charge.   

Subsequently when membership of Eclub has increased then Real Clubs shall be established in every city, community, region, country, continent and globally.  The Conveners and Managing Committee Members of these clubs shall be people of highest caliber, impeccable honesty and integrity enjoying high reputation in their society.

Please join the movement in large numbers with your friends and contribute your energy to achieve the noble goals of the ‘Mission World Peace Eclub’.  Unitedly You CAN make a change and transform this world into a state of Utopia for the benefit of your children and future generations.

To become a Member, please Email  at  your Name, City, Country and Email Id. 

 Best wishes for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy new World!

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