Saturday, February 4, 2012

Civil Society

The fifth State -
 Civil Society

Dear World Citizens,
This is your God speaking!

The countries having democracy are having three Institutions that are governing their countries, namely – Politicians, Executive and Judiciary. The 4th state is the Media of a country that tries to keep a check on Government authorities.  The authorities of the Government Departments enjoy enormous powers.  The power corrupts a person.  The Authorities in power make governing Rules in such a clever method that people in these Institutions enjoy unchecked opportunity to make huge money.  There are honest, conscientious persons of high moral character also in the position of authority but they are in minority.  As they do not connive with their corrupt bosses, they have to suffer ignominy; they are side lined by their corrupt superiors.  Seeing the pathetic condition of honest functionaries, the new entrants in the service get discouraged and proceed on the path of making easy money by misusing their authority.  Their misuse of authority is to the detriment of general public. The major portion of funds meant for public welfare are pocketed by the dishonest government functionaries.  In India it was estimated by an ex Prime Minister that the public gets only 15% of the funds meant for them and rest 85% is pocketed by government functionaries.  In other words, for benefit of every rupee that public gets, the ruling class makes six rupees. Situation in majority of other countries is no better. Hence, it is of vital importance to keep a check on the people in position of authority which can not ordinarily be done by individuals through law of the land.

At the time of election the politicians become very humble and claim themselves to be the servants of the people which, in fact, they are.  They make all sorts of promises for peoples’ welfare.  However, after coming  to power, they change their color.  They assert their authority by claiming that they have ‘Peoples’ Mandate’ to govern and make laws.  They claim that Constitution has given them absolute right to govern.  They claim that the Parliament is supreme and the laws made by parliamentarians are absolute and unchallengeable.  Hence they do not want to have any interference from the people of the country in their nefarious and anti-people activities.

The people are suffering because of rampant corruption in most of the countries.  The authorities are unaccountable.  They do not discharge their duties diligently and honestly. There is wide prevalence of ‘red-tapism’; they purposely delay peoples’ work so that they are offered bribe.  They do not care for peoples’ suffering.  They make the policies that give undue benefit to rich and powerful businessmen and make huge money from them.  They do not care if the policies are detrimental to the interest of poor masses and their country.  Therefore, a time has come that the people of every country recognize their power. 

A careful study of the Constitution shall reveal that the people of a country are the real Masters and the politicians and government functionaries are their servants.  However, the Master – the people, has not recognized its right.  The Master is being misled by the Government functionaries to serve their vested interests.   

Necessity is the mother of invention. Hence, the people should create a fifth State that can safeguard their interest.  The people should organize themselves into an Institution that may be called ‘Civil society’. The honest people who have gained stature through their selfless service and who have leadership quality should take the lead.  They should create an organization to challenge the wrong doings of their Governments.  The first requisite is that the leaders of these organizations should be people of unblemished character because as soon as they start their movement to check corruption the people in authority start a concerted campaign of their ‘Character Assassination’.  But the power shall come to them from the masses of their country who are suffering for a long time.  Their accumulated anger only needs an outlet that can be provided by functionaries of Civil Society. Individual whistle blowers are simply bumped off. 

An experiment of the potential of such a Civil Society is under way in India.  An old septuagenarian, ex-soldier of the army, not having any high education, Mr. Anna Hazare, has forced the Government to agree to pass a law to set up an Authority who shall have power to take action against corrupt Government functionaries right from junior most to highest level, including Ministers and Prime Minister.  Every successive government in the past 42 years has avoided passing this law.  Even now the Government is making its best efforts to hook-wink the issue by trying to pass a weak law which shall have no teeth to punish the corrupt government authorities.  But the movement has demonstrated the power of people.  People of other countries can take inspiration from the experiment under way in India.  Such 'Civil Societies' are needed in every country to safeguard the interest of their poor masses.

Rise to the occasion.  I shall give all power, wisdom and direction in your effort!

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