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Corruption –abuse of Authority
Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain; a breach of trust,
Stealing of public money for private gain by people in power and authority

My dear children,
This is your God speaking!

Getting a position of power and authority at various levels - right from junior most to senior most, is a great privilege which I give to only about one per cent of people in various countries in the world.  They do not know that they were given this position after their strenuous efforts and show of integrity in their past lives and after proving themselves worthy of being placed in a position of power and authority.  At the start of their career in such a privileged position some people do admit that they got this position due to their good luck!  But what is good luck, that they do not know.  Good luck is the carry forward result of good work done by them in their past lives. But the real test starts when they are placed in a position of power and authority.  Sadly, most of them fail in their test.  Having risen to great heights, they get tempted by worldly gains and belie the trust that was reposed in them by Me. Truly, it requires sagely strength of character not to be tempted by power and authority which are the greatest intoxication on earth. People indulging in corruption fail the test of their integrity and are reverted back to a lower step of ladder in this life by law of the land or in their next life by Me. 

The irony is that the very same people, who impart harsh punishment to others for their wrong doing, conveniently overlook their own act of corruption, which is a heinous crime, by rationalizing it under various justifications – insufficient pay, for getting promotion and good posting, for fighting election, for party fund, etc.  A crime can not be justified under any pretext; it is punishable and the perpetrator shall get due punishment in various ways commensurate with the intensity of crime.

Amassing wealth through unfair means, like corruption, is an act of Greed and Lust.  These are the two sure gates to Hell.  When one starts gaining benefits, his desire for more and more increases turning into greed and lust – insatiable and multiplying with every gain.  He loses all sense of righteousness.  He becomes blind, ignorant of the consequences of his wanton acts of corruption.

My Natural justice System
But these corrupt people should not forget that apart from the law of the land, they are also answerable to their ultimate Master, their Creator.  Even if they are able to save themselves from the law of the land, they can not deceive Me. I see everything, I know everything and I am capable of doing justice.  Through My system of Natural Justice I put them in the right place they deserve.  Firstly, the wealth they amass illegally, they can not declare publicly. Hence they can not enjoy it.  When the quantum of wealth accumulated is very high then they have to stash it in foreign countries, which is even a bigger crime. What they are doing, is that they are depriving the people of their country of this wealth and making it available to people of other countries. Secondly, they remain in constant fear of being caught. They lose their peace of mind.  They develop physical problems due to constant mental tension.  The availability of unlimited money spoils their children. 

My sane advice to the corrupt people is to understand that ill gotten wealth can not bring good results.  They should realize that the money they have amassed through unfair and criminal means, was in any case, destined to be available to them because it was in their pass book of past good actions.  By earning through unfair means they have only spoilt their future life.  Such ill-gotten wealth can not bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness in their life.

Now some hard facts about corruption
Corruption has become a respectable way to amass wealth.   It has become a way of life.  The people in power and in government administration quite shamelessly demand bribe.  The helpless people have no alternative but to succumb to their demand. 

Forms of corruption are innumerable and no inclusive list can be made, but include briberyextortioncronyismnepotismpatronage, graft, and embezzlement. While corruption may facilitate criminal enterprise such as drug traffickingmoney laundering, and human trafficking, it is not restricted to these activities.
a)       Taking a cut in the purchases that Govt. makes, purchasing at higher price by manipulating purchasing process,
b)      Bribe in appointment of employees and their placement
c)       Diverting the benefits from the poor to themselves
d)      In judiciary for manipulating justice
e)      Taking money from public for doing their job
f)         Taking money for using  discretionary powers
g)      Protection to Criminals and Gangsters for heinous crimes like drugs trafficking, human trafficking, gun running, extortion,  killings, organized crime of all kinds;
h)       Political corruption
i)         The people in administration exploit all possible venues for extorting money from its people.
j)         Allotment of government assets like land, mines etc. at low price at the cost of the country.

The Government authorities make rules in such a way that people can not make any complaint for the prevalent corruption. As the economy grows of a country, the aggregate volume of money that changes hand from public to the Government authorities keeps on growing.  It has grown to colossal volumes in many countries whose economy is growing.  Corruption is prevalent in all parts of the world. The results show seven out of every ten countries (and nine out of every ten developing countries) have very high incidence of corruption.  Worldwide, bribery alone is estimated to involve over 1 trillion US dollars annually.

Political corruption is the use of legislative powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain. Misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general police brutality, is also a form of political corruption. Similarly, illegal acts by private persons or corporations not directly involved with the government are also acts of corruption.

Economic effects

Corruption undermines economic development of a country by generating considerable distortions and inefficiency. In the private sector, corruption increases the cost of business through the price of illicit payments themselves, the management cost of negotiating with officials, and the risk of breached agreements or detection. Although some claim corruption reduces costs by cutting bureaucracy, the availability of bribes can also induce officials to contrive new rules and delays. Openly removing costly and lengthy regulations are better than covertly allowing them to be bypassed by using bribes. Where corruption inflates the cost of business, it also distorts the playing field, shielding firms with connections from competition and thereby sustaining inefficient firms.

Corruption also generates economic distortions in the public sector by diverting public investment into capital projects where bribes and kickbacks are more plentiful. Officials may increase the technical complexity of public sector projects to conceal or pave the way for such dealings, thus further distorting investment. Corruption also lowers compliance with construction, environmental, or other regulations, reduces the quality of government services and infrastructure, and increases budgetary pressures on government.

Economists argue that one of the factors behind the differing economic development in Africa and Asia is that in the former, corruption has primarily taken the form of rent extraction with the resulting financial capital moved overseas rather than invested at home (hence the stereotypical, but often accurate, image of African dictators having Swiss bank accounts). In Nigeria, for example, more than $400 billion was stolen from the treasury by Nigeria's leaders between 1960 and 1999.

Fighting Corruption
Fight against corruption is an unequal war. The perpetrators have all the powers at their disposal.  They make laws and rules in such a cunning manner that gives them all the scope for extorting money from the people and provide them protection even if caught. The whistle blowers are conveniently done away with.  In India 23 Whistle blowers have been killed in the last few years. The masses, though in absolute majority, have practically no power to question them.  The media – print and electronic, are now showing some strength to expose their nefarious designs.  Electronic media is becoming more effective as it goes on showing the wrong doing round the clock.  The powers that be get panicky as they can not stand twenty four hours exposure on the TV.

The need of the hour is that a few good men of high moral character and unblemished record in every country come forward to take a bold stand.  Wherever such people have taken a stand against the government authorities they have received unstinted support from the masses.  For example, non-violent agitation by an old man of 74 yrs, having nominal education, Anna Hazare in India to make a strong anti-corruption authority ‘Lok Pal’ has received countrywide support. This is because the masses have huge accumulated anger due to suppression and extortion for a long time.  In some countries monarchs ruling for ages had to abdicate their throne.  In others Governments were forced to make Laws that shall facilitate punishment to corrupt officials. 

Awareness of the menace of corruption and its debilitating effect on the welfare of poor people is the need of the hour. Awareness of the problem is the first stage.  Awareness shall awaken the conscience of some courageous people to take a stand against this menace.  A relentless war against the corrupt practices shall bring some results.
(With inputs from Wikipedia)

For setting up a state of Utopia total elimination of the menace of Corruption is essential.

Corruption is rampant in India and is costing its citizens heavily.  If corruption is eliminated then country’s assets can generate so much revenue that Indians can live in a tax-free regime.  

Some examples:
  1. CAG has estimated that mining rights were granted at a lower rates gifting a windfall gain of Rs.10.76 lac crores to the lessees of Coal Mines in past five years.  In other words the country could have earned more than  Rs. Two lac crores more per year from these mines.

CAG takes on coal minister, says we don’t make basic mistakes
COALGATE: ‘We are thorough’
‘CAG estimate of Rs. 10.7 lakh crore in windfall gains for Companies is notional and imaginary. Sriprakash Jaiswal – Coal Minister

‘We are incapable of making fundamental errors as being discussed in media.  Our report will make clear all doubts on fallacies being talked about.  Vinod Rai – CAG, in response
‘National Assets like Gas [ refer kg gas pages ]. iron ore mines, Coal, Lime stone quarries are all leased at very low fixed prices per kg - at say 25 paise per kg for iron ores. The companies do not pay more, when they raise the steel or Gas prices. The owners / public do not gain.’

2. The 2G licenses were granted at lower prices losing a potential gain of Rs. 1.76 lac crores for the country:

SENDING a clear message to the CBI court that the 2G spectrum allocation of 2008 is a scam and not the result of a government policy decision, the Supreme Court today quashed the grant of 122 UAS licences and allocation of spectrum to 12 private companies.

‘Even as the trial in the 2G case progresses in a Patiala House trial court in Delhi, a bench of Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly held former telecom minister A Raja and his department guilty of “virtually gifting away an important national asset at throwaway prices.” The bench also slammed the telecom regulator, TRAI, accusing it of doublespeak for giving the First-Come-First-Served (FCFS) policy of spectrum allocation a go-by in the name of “level playing field” without emphasizing on transparency in allocation through an auction process.

3. The Organizers of Asian games made purchases at exorbitant prices causing an indeterminate loss to the exchequer.

 4. A PIL has revealed that purchases in Defense are being made at almost ten times the actual price. As per news being telecast on national TV channels a response to a PIL has disclosed that purchases in defense are made at about ten times the market price e.g. a truck jack being purchased at Rs. 31,000/- each - market price Rs. 3000/-,  and so on.

5. ‘Gen forces Antony’s hand with revelation
    After two years, defence minister AK Antony on Monday was forced to order a CBI inquiry into General VK Singh’s allegation that an equipment lobbyist hand offered him a bribe of Rs. 14 crore…
One of the men told me that if I cleared the tranche, he would give me Rs. 14 crore.  He told me people had taken money before me and they will take money after me. – Gen VK Singh, Army Chief

Times of India 4.4.2012
'Indore:  At least 400 MP bureaucrats are under probe for graft and other crimes by either the special establishment police (Lokayukta) or the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), over the past two years.
Information sourced through RTI says 219 bureaucrats and government employees, ranging from secretaries to junior officials, have been booked under different sections of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act.
Responding to the RTI query by Indore-based activist Rajendra Gupta, the Lokayukta’s office furnished names of officials being probed between from April 1, 2008, 2008 and March 31, 2011, while EOW revealed the names of officials under its scanner from January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2010.

TOI 4.4.2012
‘CBI files 1st charge sheet
New Delhi: Almost 10 months after the Central Bureau of Investigation began a probe into the multi-crore National Rural Health Mission scam in Uttar Pradesh, the agency on Tuesday filed its first charge sheet in the scam against seven accused persons and made three fresh arrests.  However, the agency in its charge sheet, did not name former Welfare Minister Babu Singh Kushwaha stating “they will file a supplementary charge sheet against him”.  Kushwaha was arrested in first week of March.  TNN                                                                                         

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Economic Policy - One World

Economic Policies One World
It is the policies that can make or mar a Society

To achieve the objective of creating a state of Utopia in the world it is of vital importance that the countries of the world modify their economic policies suitably.  One of the major reasons of unrest in the world is having economic policies that are beneficial to the rich and powerful at the cost of poor masses.  Pro-rich policies are framed by political leaders in concert with bureaucrats in their own vested interests and for favors received from big industrialists and businessmen. Moreover, the rules are framed in a manner that creates ground for corruption.  The developed economies of the world are in turmoil because of faulty economic policies followed by them.  While two percent rich and high income people are prospering, rest ninety eight per cent fixed income and poor masses are always under pressure, worried for their future.

At the same time poor countries are not able to come out of their poverty in spite of having abundant natural resources.  It is ironical that in every country in the world – developed or poor, big or small, their masses are suffering whereas rich and powerful, even in poor countries, are earning huge income and enjoying all sorts of luxury. Contours of a dynamic Economic Policy that shall benefit all – rich and poor in every country, can be formulated by starting discussions at peoples’ and Government level.  It should give equal level field to every citizen of the world and every country of the world and extra support to weaker section of people. 
The basic ingredient of a good economic policy should be such that:
a)       It eliminates the risk of high inflation in essential commodities
b)      It eliminates the scope of corruption
c)       It is pro-poor and fixed income group that constitute ninety eight percent population of any country.
d)      It eliminates the need to take sovereign loans for carrying out development works.
e)      It makes a country self-sufficient in products of basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, health and education, etc.
f)         It facilitates optimum utilization of a country’s resources to facilitate rapid growth.
g)      The taxes are kept to the minimum to tackle the menace of tax avoidance and generation of black money.
h)       It promotes development of basic infrastructure like Power, Roads, Water, Sanitation, Housing, Airports, Ports, Water ways, Irrigation, etc.

Suggested Economic Policy to achieve the state of Utopia
Elsewhere,  we found that the poor people of every country are suffering due to Inflation, Corruption, High Taxation, diversion of national wealth by parking of funds in foreign countries by rich and powerful and by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  A good Economic Policy should address all these evils.  A stop has to be placed from the tendency to increase the prices of products and services and raising of taxes by Governments.  Raising of prices and taxes do not require any wisdom.  Wisdom lies in reducing the prices and taxes that benefits masses who have limited and meager income.  Poor people with fixed meager income shall get a psychological and real relief immediately if it is declared that instead of rising, the prices and taxes shall be decreased every year even if by a meager one per cent.  Hence, the model Economic Policy should have suitable guidelines in this respect.  The model Economic Policy should effectively tackle the menace of Inflation which is affecting the lives of fixed income masses in all countries.  A small percentage of people in Trade and hoarders are able to manipulate prices by creating artificial shortage.  The Governments should monitor activities of such unscrupulous people for the benefit of masses. 

As for corruption, it can be eliminated only if people in power start following Fundamental Principles for living a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy life.  Money earned and wealth accumulated through corruption is like a stolen property.  One can not display it publicly.  It has to be kept hidden.  It serves no purpose except giving a perverse mental satisfaction.  By leading an honest life they shall become true heroes of the people.  They then need not fear of losing power.  There are numerous examples where people have resisted transfer of honest officers who have performed from their region.

Keeping these objectives in mind, World Government may encourage Governments of respective countries to modify their economic policies to include:
  1. Reduce all kinds of taxes on goods and services minimum @ 1% per annum of prevailing rate of tax to achieve ultimately tax-free or low-tax regime. For example, if the rate of tax is 30 per cent, then next year it should be reduced to 29.7 per cent and so on year after year.
  2. Governments should make their income from vast assets at their disposal like land, mineral assets, infrastructure, and the right to grant permissions for various projects, etc. rather than from high taxes.
  3. Reduce personal taxation level especially for people with low income. Eliminate personal taxation in the long run beginning with reduction of one per cent every year.  Then there shall be no Black income.
  4. Infrastructure should be developed with PPP model (Public, Private Partnership).  This will eliminate the need to raise National Debt by Governments.
  5. The subsidies should be reduced corresponding to reduction in taxes – in the same ratio, one per cent per annum.  Reduction in subsidies shall reduce scope of corruption. Instead of giving subsidies make policies that make the citizens self-supporting.
  6. At the same time, all employees, Govt. and private, should volunteer to a reduction in their salaries by 1% per annum. Annual increment to be granted as per grades but the enhanced salary with increment should be reduced by 1% every year.  
  7. Reduction in taxes and salary shall facilitate elimination of Price hike regime and help in reduction of prices by minimum one per cent per annum without affecting profitability.
  8. Every body to reduce price by minimum 1% every year – say on 1st of January, voluntarily.  This includes price for products and fee for professional services.  Imports also to be negotiated at 1% less price every year.  Transport charges, air fares should also be reduced by minimum one per cent every year.  This reduction in price every year shall not reduce profit as there shall be corresponding reduction in Labour cost, raw material cost and taxes.  On the other hand the profit shall increase because by reduction in price the sale volume shall increase.  Elementary theory of marketing – every reduction in price increases the customer base.
  9. Oil producing countries to be motivated to put a lid on price increases.  They should also reduce price by 1% per cent every year. This shall increase consumer base.  Producers profit shall remain unaffected – more volume less price.
  10. Expenses on Defense to be reduced drastically but by at least one per cent per annum. Countries should cut heavily on offensive forces and arms and ammunition.  Defensive forces should be maintained at need based level. 
  11. Governments, Producers and everybody should critically examine all expenses and endeavor to reduce every expense by at least 1 per cent every year. Weed out all wasteful expenditures.  Reduction in expenses shall increase prosperity of every body.
  12. Monitor Trading activities minutely.  Traders are the main contributors to price increases and inflation.  They do not hesitate to exploit the masses by jacking up prices at the earliest opportunity rightly or wrongly.  Cartelization is a common practice employed by producers where the production and supply is centered in few hands.
  13. Reduce national borrowing by one per cent every year. Target being debt free nation at the earliest possible.  In fact every nation should have a respectable Reserve. It is unimaginable a country having largest GDP, huge land area and relatively low population should be the biggest borrower in the world!
  14. Promote entrepreneurship amongst citizens in agriculture, small scale production, professional services, transport, and hospitality sectors, etc.  Reduce gradually dependence on Employment.  Land should be leased to people who are interested in settling in rural areas and adopt to agricultural and related activities.  Self employment shall reduce expenditure on pensions.
  15. Have a greater share of agricultural production and manufacturing in economy than the Services sector.  In US the Services sectors contribute as high as 76% in their GDP.  Services do not produce any thing tangible for people’s consumption.  Such economies have to depend on imports heavily of even products of basic needs.
  16. Motivate entrepreneurs to increase their profit by larger volumes – Low profit but more volume.  For maximizing their profit they should change their mindset from increasing the prices to reduce price every year.
  17. The authorities in Government should be motivated to banish Corruption from the system.  Through corruption money and resources are diverted from public good to private benefit of a few Politicians and Bureaucrats in power.
  18. Welfare schemes should be implemented in each country, like –
i)                     Employment Guarantee Scheme (like Nrega in India) – provide minimum 100 days employment to everybody and create basic infrastructure through them – houses for poor, sanitation, roads, water bodies, play grounds, etc. especially in rural areas where there are no employment opportunities.
ii)                   Right to Food – provide food to poor at low price.
iii)                  Right to Education – free basic education to every one by the State.
iv)                 Right to Health – free basic health facilities to the poor.
v)                   Minimum Insurance to poor.
vi)                 Universal biometric identification of every citizen of the world.  This will facilitate effective delivery of beneficial schemes to the poor and control crime within a country and internationally.
  Implementation of people friendly economic policies formulated with largest participation of economists shall facilitate elimination of poverty from all parts of the world.  Now G-20 countries are having 85% of the world’s GDP.  What that means that the remaining 180 countries are surviving on just 15% of the world’s GDP.  What an imbalance!

Case study
TOI 28.9.11
Indian Railways thinking out of box to skirt fare hike
New DelhiRailway Minister Dinesh Trivedi on Wednesday gave enough indications that the state transporter is not going to increase passenger fare, but advocated measures to attract private investment to tide over financial crunch.

“It is very easy to increase the fare, but we have to think out of the box. Fare hike is the easiest thing to do and I do not think we should have easy options,” Trivedi said.

(Indian Railways are maintaining same passenger fares for the last 5 – 6 years.)

US imposes higher taxes on low income people and lesser tax on high income people:
Warren Buffet – my driver pays more tax than me…

Need of the hour
The authorities in all countries should implement people-friendly rather than classes-friendly policies.  This will help poor and the rich alike.  Honesty and sincerity in framing economic policies shall start the process of elimination of poverty, illiteracy, inflation, corruption and shortages. 


Every thing as it ought to be
Utopia already exists but for only 2%
My dear Children,
This is your God speaking!

My constant endeavor has been to create a heaven for you on earth. You should enjoy your life in all respect while working as you are all working for Me. Working should be a pleasure and not a tension. Each and every citizen of My world should have the best of living condition right from birth up to the last moment of one’s life.  There should be an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony in your family, your society, your country and all parts of the world.  People should help each other to enhance the comfort level of every body.  What one has learnt should benefit all in the world.  The assets created with so much labor, effort and resources should not be destroyed.  All this can easily happen if you transcend from the level of Intelligence to Wisdom – the ultimate Enlightenment.  You can create a Utopia on this earth which shall give you ideal living and working conditions in a pleasant atmosphere. 

In fact, two percent people in the world are already enjoying Utopia like condition.  They fall in two categories – one the rich and powerful and two, the enlightened souls.  The rich and powerful have all the comforts that shall be available in Utopia except that they may not be having the essential ingredient of peace, tension-free, healthy life with harmony in family in absence of spiritual enlightenment.  The spiritually enlightened may not be having all the wealth and comforts of life, but they have total peace of mind, contentment and harmony in their environment.  Another ten to fifteen percent people, who are financially affluent,  can join this privileged club by becoming ‘aware’ and spiritually enlightened.  The need is to bring the remaining majority of eighty to ninety percent people into fold.  These people need assured income, education and awareness.

Some of the critical features of a state of Utopia are:

Inter-religious utopia is a condition where the leaders of different religions accept science as a part of human-living and agree to abolish all baseless superstitious beliefs. In more extended theories it goes up to the level of different religious leaders setting-aside their differences and accepting harmony, peace and understanding to unite all religions within one another, thereby forming an utopian religion or a religion of Humans with God being defined as Science or the (supposed) supernatural  force that reigned before the birth of the universe . Religion and God being used as a self-motivating factor for people to believe in and raise themselves out of difficult situations.

 "Gardens of delight" - an existence free from worry in a state of bliss or enlightenment. Freedom from sin, pain, poverty, and death, and communion with  angels or the houri . The Hindu concept of Moksha and the Buddhist  concept of Nirvana - a state of mind. A belief that if we are able to practice meditation without continuous stream of thoughts, we are able to reach enlightenment. This enlightenment promises exit from the cycle of life and death.

Scientific and technological utopias will allow utopian living standards; for example, the absence of death  and suffering; changes in human nature and the human condition.

Perfect happiness and fulfillment. An instinctive harmony between man and nature. Men's needs are few and their desires are limited. Both can be easily satisfied by the abundance provided by nature. No motives whatsoever for war or oppression. Nor any need for hard and painful work.  Simple and pious humans feeling themselves close to the gods.

Grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Earthly Paradise—a place like Shangri-La, hidden in the Tibetan  mountains.

There is nothing free in this world.  If you want to live in such ideal conditions then the citizens of every country shall also have to follow a strict discipline and behave with total responsibility and sensitivity to others’ comfort.  A country is an association of its people. The country will have what its citizens give it.  Hence the behavior of citizens is of utmost importance to create the state of Utopia in their country. Similarly, world is an association of the countries in it.  When people of every country and their governments shall follow good policies, then there shall be a Utopia in the whole world.

Thus, you can realize that Utopia is a realizable state.  It is not impossible to achieve or an imaginary situation.  The need is to believe that it can be achieved, that you can do it and that it is what we should leave for your children.

My only command to you - just plunge into achieving it!

With love and My blesings for your success,

Your God

Civil Society

The fifth State -
 Civil Society

Dear World Citizens,
This is your God speaking!

The countries having democracy are having three Institutions that are governing their countries, namely – Politicians, Executive and Judiciary. The 4th state is the Media of a country that tries to keep a check on Government authorities.  The authorities of the Government Departments enjoy enormous powers.  The power corrupts a person.  The Authorities in power make governing Rules in such a clever method that people in these Institutions enjoy unchecked opportunity to make huge money.  There are honest, conscientious persons of high moral character also in the position of authority but they are in minority.  As they do not connive with their corrupt bosses, they have to suffer ignominy; they are side lined by their corrupt superiors.  Seeing the pathetic condition of honest functionaries, the new entrants in the service get discouraged and proceed on the path of making easy money by misusing their authority.  Their misuse of authority is to the detriment of general public. The major portion of funds meant for public welfare are pocketed by the dishonest government functionaries.  In India it was estimated by an ex Prime Minister that the public gets only 15% of the funds meant for them and rest 85% is pocketed by government functionaries.  In other words, for benefit of every rupee that public gets, the ruling class makes six rupees. Situation in majority of other countries is no better. Hence, it is of vital importance to keep a check on the people in position of authority which can not ordinarily be done by individuals through law of the land.

At the time of election the politicians become very humble and claim themselves to be the servants of the people which, in fact, they are.  They make all sorts of promises for peoples’ welfare.  However, after coming  to power, they change their color.  They assert their authority by claiming that they have ‘Peoples’ Mandate’ to govern and make laws.  They claim that Constitution has given them absolute right to govern.  They claim that the Parliament is supreme and the laws made by parliamentarians are absolute and unchallengeable.  Hence they do not want to have any interference from the people of the country in their nefarious and anti-people activities.

The people are suffering because of rampant corruption in most of the countries.  The authorities are unaccountable.  They do not discharge their duties diligently and honestly. There is wide prevalence of ‘red-tapism’; they purposely delay peoples’ work so that they are offered bribe.  They do not care for peoples’ suffering.  They make the policies that give undue benefit to rich and powerful businessmen and make huge money from them.  They do not care if the policies are detrimental to the interest of poor masses and their country.  Therefore, a time has come that the people of every country recognize their power. 

A careful study of the Constitution shall reveal that the people of a country are the real Masters and the politicians and government functionaries are their servants.  However, the Master – the people, has not recognized its right.  The Master is being misled by the Government functionaries to serve their vested interests.   

Necessity is the mother of invention. Hence, the people should create a fifth State that can safeguard their interest.  The people should organize themselves into an Institution that may be called ‘Civil society’. The honest people who have gained stature through their selfless service and who have leadership quality should take the lead.  They should create an organization to challenge the wrong doings of their Governments.  The first requisite is that the leaders of these organizations should be people of unblemished character because as soon as they start their movement to check corruption the people in authority start a concerted campaign of their ‘Character Assassination’.  But the power shall come to them from the masses of their country who are suffering for a long time.  Their accumulated anger only needs an outlet that can be provided by functionaries of Civil Society. Individual whistle blowers are simply bumped off. 

An experiment of the potential of such a Civil Society is under way in India.  An old septuagenarian, ex-soldier of the army, not having any high education, Mr. Anna Hazare, has forced the Government to agree to pass a law to set up an Authority who shall have power to take action against corrupt Government functionaries right from junior most to highest level, including Ministers and Prime Minister.  Every successive government in the past 42 years has avoided passing this law.  Even now the Government is making its best efforts to hook-wink the issue by trying to pass a weak law which shall have no teeth to punish the corrupt government authorities.  But the movement has demonstrated the power of people.  People of other countries can take inspiration from the experiment under way in India.  Such 'Civil Societies' are needed in every country to safeguard the interest of their poor masses.

Rise to the occasion.  I shall give all power, wisdom and direction in your effort!

Mission World Peace Eclub

Mission World Peace Eclub’

God has given unlimited, inexhaustible and renewable resources to every country. With these vast resources every country should be a Norway, a Denmark, a Switzerland and not a Yemen, a Sudan or a Djibouti. The irony is majority of people, even in rich countries, are suffering from economic hardship, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, corruption, violence, wars, terrorism, and tension of future due to wrong policies of their Governments. Governments make policies that favor the rich and powerful and siphon off huge money meant for masses themselves through corruption. At the top of the iceberg of humanity is extreme affluence but down below is suffering, helplessness and a sense of resignation to go on bearing the pain generation after generation.

People as individuals are hapless but if united they can became a force and influence their Governments. In India an old man of 74 yrs, with hardly any education, Mr. Anna Hazare, has demonstrated the people’s power by forcing the Government to agree to form a law to punish corrupt Government and Public authorities.

It is, therefore, proposed to unite masses of all countries of the world under the banner of a ‘Mission World Peace Eclub’ to urge the Governments of their respective countries to modify their policies for the benefit of the masses rather than the classes as is the case at present. 

Objectives of the Club
1. To organize peoples’ power to facilitate banishment of Poverty, Illiteracy, Corruption, Wars, Terrorism, Crime, Inflation and Price rise from every country existing on earth by generating awareness amongst the people and providing them a platform for re-dressal of their problems.

2. To motivate the respective Governments of their countries –
i) To provide Food security, Health security, Education, Housing, Health-care, Right to work, Right to worship, proper infrastructure and clean administration for welfare of masses.
ii) To urge Autocratic Governments to establish a democratic Government of the People, By the People and For the People.
iii) To urge Governments to resolve disputes with neighbors, eliminate tension, end cold and real wars and conflicts with other nations and establish an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the world.

3. To motivate powerful countries - the world powers,  through mass appeal:
      i) To win  other countries by love and compassion and by lending them a helping hand in win-win-win  
         spirit; that is, their own benefit, benefit of smaller countries  and the benefit of humanity at large.
     ii) Not to make such policies that affect weaker countries adversely and allow freer movement of people,   
        and trade for global economic growth;
     Iii) To destroy their colossal destructive power through which they attack weaker nations and force them to
          agree to their command.
    iv) To curtail their heavy expenditure on military and utilize these funds for the benefit of masses of their
4. To motivate all countries :
      i) To promote the United Nations to establish a ‘One World Government' with Senators from every
         country who shall form a World Goverment having a President, Prime Minister and a Council of
         Ministers.  These people shall be the best people with proven track record.of having achieved
         outstanding results for their countries. 
     ii) The objective of the World Government shall be to end wars and conflicts amongst various countries 
         and establish total peace in the world. This Government shall analyse the Developmen Plans of each 
         country and guide them to develop their country to the highest level of prosperity and end the evils of
        Hunger, Illiteracy, Violence, Crime, Corruption, Red tapism, etc. in their respective countries.  (Please    
        see detailed objectives of the World Government in my blog "One World' )
    iii) The World Government shall introduce one World Currency for international transactions between
        different countries.
    iv) The World Government shall motivate all countries to implement model economic plans (please see
         the blog 'Economic Plans') that shall banish the evil of inflation, reduce taxes for poor masses and bring
         prosperity in the lives of poor masses and fixed income group.
5.    To purify peoples’ mindset by spreading spiritual knowledge and bring Peace, Prosperity and    
       Happiness in their lives.  Through spiritual knowledge the enmity between nations shall disappear and
       this world shall become one vast country. Ultimately, positive thinking at world level shall help
       establish   a state of Utopia on earth.  Utopia is that state of being where every thing is as it should be
       (Please see Utopia in my blog).

Every citizen of the world, rich or poor, is requested to join the Mission World Peace Eclub’ to make a powerful impact for changing the world order. It is a social movement for the benefit of poor masses. There shall be no enrolment fee or annual subscription charge.   

Subsequently when membership of Eclub has increased then Real Clubs shall be established in every city, community, region, country, continent and globally.  The Conveners and Managing Committee Members of these clubs shall be people of highest caliber, impeccable honesty and integrity enjoying high reputation in their society.

Please join the movement in large numbers with your friends and contribute your energy to achieve the noble goals of the ‘Mission World Peace Eclub’.  Unitedly You CAN make a change and transform this world into a state of Utopia for the benefit of your children and future generations.

To become a Member, please Email  at  your Name, City, Country and Email Id. 

 Best wishes for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy new World!